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Monday, January 17, 2011

Free Weebles App from Playskool!

I do not own an iPad, iPad touch or an iPhone, and if I did there is a huge chance that I would never ever ever ever x infinity let my toddler touch it. However, there are those of you that do, and thats ok! There are obviously more of you than there are of me because I have another FREE toddler app for you! Playskool has a free app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! The screen shots look really cute! I'm sure this offer won't last too terribly long so get your soon!

Description from Apple:
Weee! Now on iPhone® & iPod touch®, wobble into the WEEBLES WOBBLY WORLD™ and create your own WEEBLES® character. Make it, shake it, and share it…and remember…Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down!™

From Apple

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Free Book from Leap Frog!

Get a free book for your kids from Leapfrog! All you have to do is sign up here, answer a few questions and you get to chose from two books! One book is called ABC Animal Orchestra, and retails for $10.97 at Amazon! True, these books are for the "Tag Learning Systems" but they still have words and you can still read them out loud like we did in the days of yore!

From Free is for Brie

Free Scissors

Last night I could not find a pair of scissors to save my life. Where are all of my scissors? I have like 52 pairs! MailFinity is taking care of that for me with FREE SCISSORS! Yeah, it's true that by the time I get the scissors, I'll find a pair of mine again, but these will be different! I will always know where they are. I will never cut paper with them. Ok, so none of that is true, but they're still free.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Free Juno Baby App for iPhone/iPad

From Free is for Brie

My Monkey man loves music so much. He will dance to everything that he finds even remotely musical, even the sound of my printer as it prints off coupons for our grocery trip. That is why we love Juno Baby! I can remember the words to songs that I haven't heard since high school because the music helps me learn. If everything was set to music I could be a maniacal dictator and rule the world! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Ok. Sorry. Got a little out of control there for a second. Juno baby is great for kids from 1 to about 5, and with the bright colors and fun music, your kids are sure to love it too! For a limited time you can download two Juno Baby Apps absolutely FREE!

Its not always easy!

People are always asking me how I get stuff for free and how I win stuff so often, the best answer that I have is "It takes persistence.". We only have one income and we have only had one income for almost two years now and sometimes it really feels like the world is going to crumble down around our ears, but then, by the grace of God, it all works out. A check from a paid survey site comes in the mail, a gift card for groceries that I won from some contest, or a prize that can be used for a birthday gift shows up at the door. My husband says that getting stuff for free is my full time job, and he isn't wrong. Between the kids, housework, doing paid surveys and working on Amazon's "MTurk" website, I don't have a lot of free time and during that free time I am usually entering Sweepstakes. I know how hard times are and if I can help just one person save money right along with me, I feel like I am doing something worth while, ya know? Anyway. Here are some of the sites that I use to find free stuff and to find sweepstakes:

Sweeties Freebies

Sweeties Freebies on Facebook

Sweeties Sweeps
- Sweetie is the one that got me started entering sweepstakes, and between her and other regular visitors to her site, I learned how to get stuff for free!

Sweeties Sweeps on Facebook

Freebies 4 Mom

Freebies 4 Mom on Facebook

Swagbucks- I am well on my way to my 4th $5 Amazon gift card for the year and its only January!

MyPoints- MyPoints kinda goes hand in hand with BzzAgent, you earn points and you can use those points towards rewards. You don't actually have to buy anything through MyPoints to earn points. You get survey emails and bonus point emails almost every day. If you become a member of BzzAgent, you will also receive points for sharing "Bzz" and completing surveys.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Popchips Review and GIVEAWAY! w00t! CLOSED

I know I've been gone for a few days. Its hard to blog every day when you have two babies at home and a husband, so basically three children! Then yesterday I was so excited for the BCS National Championship Game I could barely stand myself. What a great game right? Since I've been watching what I eat and trying to "get healthy" and make a "lifestyle change" (why is diet a dirty word?) my husband thought that we weren't going to get to have any good snacks to eat during the game. Well he was pleasantly surprised when I brought out a bowl of BBQ Popchips! They aren't baked, they aren't fried, they're popped. I have no idea how you pop a potato but I am oh so glad that they do! Regular potato chips are greasy and baked potato chips are kinda blah, ya know? I have tried every single flavor of Popchips and they are all incredible! I am partial to the BBQ flavor, it is the very best BBQ chip I have ever had in my life and with only 100 calories per serving (19-20 chips), you can have them every day! Now the best part! The wonderful people over at Popchips have graciously offered to give one of my readers a MONTH SUPPLY of Popchips! I'm actually kinda jealous that I can't win!
From Free is for Brie

Required for entry:
Go to Popchips on Facebook "like" them and tell them "BreezyLou from I got it for FREE! sent me". Then come back here and leave a comment telling me that you have done this. Include your email address so I can contact you if you win!

Extra entries!

Follow Popchips and I got it for FREE! on Twitter and Tweet about the giveaway using
#Freeisforme and leave 2 comments with a link to your tweet +2
(Tweet must also include a link back to this post.)

Follow I got it for FREE! on Google or Networked Blogs +1

Contest will close on January 25th at 12am EST which is 9pm PST on January 24th. Any comments left after this time cannot be counted. Winner will be chosen using and will be contacted within 48 hours and will have 48 hours to respond before an alternate is picked. Winner will also be announced on this post.


Winner was chosen via
From Free is for Brie

Commenter number 8 BeeBubbaBella is the winner! Winner has been contacted and has 48 hours to respond with their mailing address.
From Free is for Brie

Friday, January 7, 2011

Free Gift Card from

I know I have discussed before, but last time I didn't have $10 dollars to just give you! Thats right! If you sign up for right now using the following link, you can get a $10 gift code ABSOLUTELY FREE! With $2 shipping on every item you purchase, this gift code can get you some really nice stuff at some really awesome prices!
CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP Your gift code is P1070. Thats really all you have to do! What are you waiting for?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

HTC HD7 Windows Phone (BzzAgent)

I didn't write anything yesterday and honestly it was because I knew what was going to happen today and I couldn't get over it, nothing I wrote was going to be good enough compared to what I got today...for absolutely free. The title of the blog gave it away, but are you surprised? How did I get this amazing phone with a 4.3inch screen, Windows Live, Xbox Live AND AND AND NETFLIX capability? Simple, I'm a BzzAgent. I get to try things for free and then tell you about them. As I type this my HTC HD7* is sitting here charging with all its glories yet to be told, but I can already tell that its going to be awesome, if I could figure out how to unlock the screen...
I bet some of you don't believe that I actually have this phone in my hand right now and it was free from BzzAgent and HTC just so I could tell you all about how its like a mini computer in the palm of my hand! I even got a game from Xbox for FREE from the Windows Market place that I can play right on my phone! I love free stuff! Here are some pictures that I took with my frumpy purple sweater as a background:
From Free is for Brie

From Free is for Brie

I am not even kidding, that phone right there was free to me for being a BzzAgent. You could be a BzzAgent too!

*This particular model of phone is for T-Mobile customers, however many companies are now offering their own versions of Windows 7 phones, contact your service provider for more details and you can have a sweet phone just like me!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ebates saves you money

Ebates gets you cash back at the online retailers that you shop at everyday. Buying something from Get 3% of your cash back through Ebates! Shopping Walmart online? Go through Ebates and get 2% back on everything you purchase (even all of those diapers!)! Doesn't seem like very much does it? Well I've only been using Ebates for since November and I already have a $20 check coming back to me in February, and if I do any more online shopping between now and then, I'll get even more money back! They really do have thousands of store available for you to choose from from the everyday to the more obscure stores like Brazil Butt Lift (yeah I chose it because it made me giggle a little, so what if I'm a 13 year old boy!?)! I'll admit that sometimes, I buy things through Ebates just to get the money back in my account, like when Yves Rocher did 40% cash back over the Christmas season!! 40%! I got some really cool glitter mascara out of it, free shipping, free gifts and $8 back in my Ebates account. So, what are you waiting for!?

Monday, January 3, 2011


Tomorrow at 3pm EST/12pm PST you want to be at and you want to bee super fast because Dr. Oz is giving away 2,011 pairs of Nike shoes to the first 2,011 people to sign up!! He did this with Sketchers not to long ago and the went really really fast. I recommend downloading Roboform to quickly fill out the form that you will need to submit. Roboform is free! Its so much easier to fill out forms for free samples or for sweepstakes with Roboform, you fill it out once, and it does everything else for you from then on. ANYWAY. Tomorrow, get some free shoes!! Its easy! What are you waiting for!?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pampers Gifts to Grow Program = Free Stuff

From Free is for Brie

Are you a member of Pampers Gifts to Grow? If not you should be! Even if you don't have a child in diapers, Pampers Gifts to Grow can be a great way for you to earn points and get free stuff! There are all kinds of awards you can earn that aren't centered around children (and tons that are!) such as movie tickets, Starbucks gift cards and magazine subscriptions! Well, you ask, how do I earn points if I am not buying Pampers products? Thats easy! First, sign up for the Gifts to Grow program! Second, Like Pampers on Facebook ! Third keep your eye out for status updates from Pampers that include a new Gifts to Grow code, and if you miss one, don't worry, I'll post them when I see them too! All new members get 50 points just for signing up! I also have 20 points for your account today! What are you waiting for?


F9779FYAHFJRYCN (10 points)

Free Weebles Figure!

Start your Christmas 2011 stockpile early! If you like Playskool on Facebook then click on the tab at the top that says "Weebles" offer, fill out the form and viola, your first gift for Christmas 2011! w00t! What are you waiting for?

From Free is for Brie