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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Its not always easy!

People are always asking me how I get stuff for free and how I win stuff so often, the best answer that I have is "It takes persistence.". We only have one income and we have only had one income for almost two years now and sometimes it really feels like the world is going to crumble down around our ears, but then, by the grace of God, it all works out. A check from a paid survey site comes in the mail, a gift card for groceries that I won from some contest, or a prize that can be used for a birthday gift shows up at the door. My husband says that getting stuff for free is my full time job, and he isn't wrong. Between the kids, housework, doing paid surveys and working on Amazon's "MTurk" website, I don't have a lot of free time and during that free time I am usually entering Sweepstakes. I know how hard times are and if I can help just one person save money right along with me, I feel like I am doing something worth while, ya know? Anyway. Here are some of the sites that I use to find free stuff and to find sweepstakes:

Sweeties Freebies

Sweeties Freebies on Facebook

Sweeties Sweeps
- Sweetie is the one that got me started entering sweepstakes, and between her and other regular visitors to her site, I learned how to get stuff for free!

Sweeties Sweeps on Facebook

Freebies 4 Mom

Freebies 4 Mom on Facebook

Swagbucks- I am well on my way to my 4th $5 Amazon gift card for the year and its only January!

MyPoints- MyPoints kinda goes hand in hand with BzzAgent, you earn points and you can use those points towards rewards. You don't actually have to buy anything through MyPoints to earn points. You get survey emails and bonus point emails almost every day. If you become a member of BzzAgent, you will also receive points for sharing "Bzz" and completing surveys.


Crystal said...

People ask me all the time to and i tell them the same thing i direct them all the the same places and then they still ask me or say well u r just luckier or I never win which is because they dont put forth the effort,. It is a full time job taking numerous hours a day. if you have the time to do it and do it with persistance it will pay off. People always see how much stuff i win or get for free but dont see how many times i lose which is way more than what i win.

Ok i know im rambling lol I just know how you feel. I never knew you had a blog glad i found it :)

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