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Thursday, January 6, 2011

HTC HD7 Windows Phone (BzzAgent)

I didn't write anything yesterday and honestly it was because I knew what was going to happen today and I couldn't get over it, nothing I wrote was going to be good enough compared to what I got today...for absolutely free. The title of the blog gave it away, but are you surprised? How did I get this amazing phone with a 4.3inch screen, Windows Live, Xbox Live AND AND AND NETFLIX capability? Simple, I'm a BzzAgent. I get to try things for free and then tell you about them. As I type this my HTC HD7* is sitting here charging with all its glories yet to be told, but I can already tell that its going to be awesome, if I could figure out how to unlock the screen...
I bet some of you don't believe that I actually have this phone in my hand right now and it was free from BzzAgent and HTC just so I could tell you all about how its like a mini computer in the palm of my hand! I even got a game from Xbox for FREE from the Windows Market place that I can play right on my phone! I love free stuff! Here are some pictures that I took with my frumpy purple sweater as a background:
From Free is for Brie

From Free is for Brie

I am not even kidding, that phone right there was free to me for being a BzzAgent. You could be a BzzAgent too!

*This particular model of phone is for T-Mobile customers, however many companies are now offering their own versions of Windows 7 phones, contact your service provider for more details and you can have a sweet phone just like me!!


todd said...

wow that is awesome!

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