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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pampers Gifts to Grow Program = Free Stuff

From Free is for Brie

Are you a member of Pampers Gifts to Grow? If not you should be! Even if you don't have a child in diapers, Pampers Gifts to Grow can be a great way for you to earn points and get free stuff! There are all kinds of awards you can earn that aren't centered around children (and tons that are!) such as movie tickets, Starbucks gift cards and magazine subscriptions! Well, you ask, how do I earn points if I am not buying Pampers products? Thats easy! First, sign up for the Gifts to Grow program! Second, Like Pampers on Facebook ! Third keep your eye out for status updates from Pampers that include a new Gifts to Grow code, and if you miss one, don't worry, I'll post them when I see them too! All new members get 50 points just for signing up! I also have 20 points for your account today! What are you waiting for?


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