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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Similac Strong Moms

Sorry about the late post, its been a long week and its not over yet! Today I'm going to tell you about Similac Strong Moms. Yes, Similac had some recalls, but everything is ok now and they are doing everything that they can to win their customers back. If you have a baby on formula, like I do, Similac Strong Moms is definitely a program that you need to sign up for. On the sign up page it says "Fabulous offers (up to $329 — wow!)". Let me tell you something, I have received way way more than $329 dollars worth of stuff from Similac! I got a free diaper bag packed with free samples from my doctor, the pediatrician AND the hospital! I have also received AMAZING coupons in the mail for being a member of Similac Strong Moms Gold! Its an invitation only program, so after you join, if you get an invite you should join right away!

From Free is for Brie

Free Formula! YAY!

Wait wait wait!
From Free is for Brie


AND my first free gift when joining Gold...
From Free is for Brie

See why I think its worth your time to sign up? It literally takes just minutes and you get back 10 fold! What are you waiting for?


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