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Monday, December 27, 2010

Amazon Mom and Swagbucks

These two programs don't appear to have anything to do with each other. Everyone knows what Amazon is and Swagbucks is something a lot of people don't "waste" their time with. The problem with that is they aren't getting paid to buy diapers! Amazon Mom is a program that Amazon came up with for parents and caregivers that really defers the cost of diapers on an incredible scale. Amazon Mom members is 15% off of diapers and if you sign up for the subscribe and save option, you get and additional 15% savings, bringing your total savings on diapers that you're going to buy anyway, to 30%!! I order with subscribe and save, and then cancel my subscription when they diapers arrive at my door, I have no idea what size diapers my kids will be wearing when that subscribe and save option kicks in again and delivers diapers! In addition to the savings you get on diapers, you start out your Amazon Mom membership with 3 months of free 2 day shipping and for each $25 you spend on baby supplies in one order, you add an additional month to your Prime Shipping! The free prime shipping covers everything on Amazon that has a blue "Prime" label under it, not just baby supplies! I've already earned 4 months of additional shipping just from buying diapers for 2 kids! Sign up now and start saving.

Now, about those Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a search and "win" website. You search the web ad earn "Swagbucks" that you can then use to buy items in the "Swagstore". One of those items is a $5 Amazon gift card for 450 points, they do "sell" other denominations, but the $5 gift card gets you the most bang for your swagbuck. There are lots of ways to earn Swagbucks, the two easiest are searching the web and referrals. For everyone you refer that uses Swagbucks you earn buck for buck until they reach 1000 bucks. 1000 bucks is 2 Amazon gift cards! If you get 4 friends signed up for Swagbucks, and they earn their first 1000 Swagbucks, you get 4000 Swagbucks without doing ANYTHING! You can then use those to buy 10 $5 Amazon cards (2 a day and 5 total can be claimed a month.) and you have $50 to buy whatever you wanton Amazon, including those diapers! (I know that 450x10= 4500, I'm assuming that you have earned yourself at least 500 Swagbucks!) Its truly like getting paid to A) Do nothing and B) Buy Diapers!! Nothing is worse than changing a poop filled diaper, but when the diaper was free, it makes it a little bit easier.


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