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Monday, December 27, 2010 and is a members only sale site that has fantastic deals on really cute stuff for kids! Today I got Dee a really cute outfit from Krazy Legs for $13.99! Thats less than half of the original price!

If I wasn't so cheap, I would have purchased this from the Twirls & Twigs sale

It was still a really good deal at $26.99 (originally $60!) but I just couldn't justify one dress for almost $30.

Another site like this that I absolutely love is I didn't buy anything from there today, but they do have some really cute stuffies on sale! This little piggy is only $4 and so are his friends!

These sales only last for 3 days and supplies are limited, so if you see something that you want, you have to jump on it! What are you waiting for!?


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